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POP (Poet Of Peace), born Lawrence Charles Rutherford II enjoyed his youth in his hometown of Anchorage Alaska. His second home, Atlanta Georgia, since the age of 12 helped to cultivate the artist we know as POP. Growing up POP won the hearts and entertained family with his old man personality and style. He was nicknamed POP since a young boy but it wasn’t until he was older and began writing poetry that POP stood for something more than a young boy with a old man soul. It wasn’t until 1999 he picked up a pen and started to write the poetry that defines the Poet Of Peace (POP), also known to be an Evangelistic Poet.


POP is working on several manuscripts and the first to be released will be on the market in 2013. Planting Seeds for the Lost and Found which is a book of poems that utilizes scripture and profound wisdom to bless and empower Christians and poetry admirers alike. The vivid colors and graphics that took ten years to master and make a profection is truly a work of art! POP’s professionalism and demand to bring the very “best of” to his artistry to bless the kingdom of God is evident not only in this form of writing, but in all that he does to include printed art, greeting cards, and other merchandise.

Planting Seeds for the Lost and Found is a creative masterpiece that has been called a poets bible because the supporting and fundamental details along with the creative flare of poetry articulated by POP sheds a new light on relaying Scripture in a modern and easy to understand way.

POP believes that when the bible says the very least, the wise and the unwise, the educated and those in lack, those who have and those who have not, should be able to pick up God’s Word and all learn and gather how much God loves them and is concerned about them! In every work from POP he works to insure this message doesn’t get lost in translation but this salt, this light, shines in every manuscript he formulates! POP is an anointed man with a calling to change the world through CHRIST, not by demanding change or pin pointing how much of a sinner you are, but demonstrate how strong the Love Of God is for you and humanity.


There is power in words, but the bible and divine inspiration can never be replaced or wrote off as an unnecessary part for writing powerful content that shapes the world’s humanity. God’s Word is needed today and POP is delivering a mighty Word that will change our world.

Join him on this journey.


The proceeds of your donation will allow me to use the money to give away a free book to people that may be in prison, the shelter, hospital, or youth detention center. (i.e. A $100 donation would gift 5 books to the less fortunate and underprivileged)



Planting Seeds for the Lost & Found has been commissioned to win souls for Christ through poetry, art and music by sowing seeds of wisdom inspired by the Word of God that will affect all of society and create a positive, spiritual impact. Our goal is to set the captive free from oppression and depression by promoting holy and righteous living as mandated by Jesus Christ.


With a humbling desire to set the captive free, POP has embarked on a mission to  bring the gift of God’s WORD to the world through poetry. When you elect to become a POP partner, you are joining hands with POP and assisting him to get this powerful Word of encouragement into the hands, hearts, and spirits of those who need it most!


But POP understands your commitment to stand with him may mean a huge sacrifice to your family or this may be the charity of your choice. Thank you for willing to partner with such a needed cause. Because we appreciate your willingness to support, we would like to gift you with email updates for free events in your area. Give you monthly updates on how your dollars and contributions are being put to work; but POP doesn’t stop there! POP will also send you the gift of the quarter absolutely free just for partnering.

The best gift anyone can give to another person is words of encouragement, power, and positive influence.  Allow POP to pour into your life as you pour into the lives of others.


Become a partner today and be apart of a movement determined to win souls for Christ and educate the world with the message of Grace, Hope, and Love which is so desperately needed right now!

 If becoming a partner is not something you are able to do at this time, please consider a one time donation. Every donation matters and will work to fuel the engine to get the WORD out to those who need it most.

Every dollar donated and spent will ensure that people living hurt and wounded lives get the help they need. Who do we help? The recent widows, jail inmates, spousal abuse victims, and recovering drug addicts are a few of the many we have embarked on loving upon and showing God’s love by getting HIS powerful Word into their hands and most importantly planted in their hearts. For some of these people, this will be the first gift they have received in a long time or period!

Help POP flood the world with God’s Love! Become a partner or donate today! It’s quick, easy, and a breeze.  Just fill out the form below and your done! 


One of our Team members will be in touch with you soon to formally welcome you to POP partnership!




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